The Fin-IQ
Product Suite

Consumer Insights Products Tailored For The Financial Industry

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We are a consumer insights agency run by a talented team of experienced researchers.

Here is our suite of Fin-IQ products. All products can be customized to meet your needs and budget.

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Product Suite

Acquisition & Retention


Our unique segmentation approach will help you discover the key behavioral, demographic, and psychographic variables that are critical to identifying, acquiring, and retaining your high-value targets.

Product Concept Testing

Test your ideas to identify the winning and losing products within the development cycle. From ideation to rollout, Zeitgeist will help you understand your target’s needs.

Decision Path

Decision Path research provides you with a map showing how, when, where, and why consumers make the choices that they do. This allows you to create winning strategies to influence these decisions.


Brand Tracking

Marketplaces change fast. Track the health and reputation of your brand to know what has changed and what to do about it.


Locate your opportunities with a comprehensive understanding of the competitive landscape to effectively position your product or brand.


Message Testing

Launching a campaign without testing can feel like a leap of faith. Using our proven methodology will eliminate uncertainty and make selecting the most effective message an easy decision.

Ad Concept & Creative Testing

Developing a successful advertising campaign can be expensive and lengthy. That’s why it’s critical to identify the right concept and understand how to develop it into a successful campaign.

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