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Gain A New Perspective On The Financial Industry’s Rapidly Changing World

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Our quarterly, free-of-charge Fin-IQ brand tracker offers a new perspective on the industry’s rapidly changing post-pandemic world.

We provide key brand equity metrics on established and emerging financial consumer brands—from awareness, usage, and perceptions to NPS—which will allow you to keep your thumb on the pulse of any emerging fintech brands that are trying to take your piece of the pie.

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Fin-IQ Brand Equity Report
Q2 2021

Why Should I Download This Report?

The Zeitgeist Research Fin-IQ Brand Equity Report provides an ongoing and reliable assessment of the financial industry’s ever-changing landscape, covering more than 60 established and emerging brands.

Our large sample size of over 2,000 respondents allows a dive deep where other surveys stop short.

For example:

  • How many consumers in the U.S. use peer-to-peer payments?

  • Do new brands like Robinhood make a lasting impression in consumers’ minds?

  • Are fintech brands trusted, compared to their mature counterparts?

  • Does cryptocurrency make in-roads outside of Elon Musk’s portfolio?

  • NPS by key brands.

How often is this report published?

  • Every quarter, 5-6 weeks after the closing of the previous quarter.

What Is Inside The
Fin-IQ Brand Equity Report?

Zeitgeist Fin-IQ Trust Index

  • Trust Index for over 60 brands


  • NPS by key brands

Detailed Findings by Sub-Categories

  • Payments

  • Lending/Borrowing

  • Investing

  • Cryptocurrency

Brand Equity Metrics

  • Awareness

  • Category and Brand Usage

  • Key Brand Perceptions

  • Loyalty


  • Race/Ethnicity

  • Age/Cohort

  • FICO Scores